Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need much roof space to install a home ventilation system?

Ecoair's Positive Pressure System can be installed in very small areas including attics and other lowset roofing styles. At this stage the Ecoair system cannot be installed on a property that has no roof space at all, such as a flat roofed home or apartment.

Will the Ecoair System replace the need for air conditioning or central heating in my home?

Positive Pressure Ventilation Systems are not designed to completely replace the need for climate control devices in the home like air con or heating. They are designed to help you lower your reliance on these products however, and in turn, save you money on your electricity bill! Our system has a much lower running cost than air con or heating, not to mention the addiitional health benefits that come with a Ecoair System.

How much will it cost?

We would love to be able to provide standardised pricing but every home is different. Pricing is determined by a variety of things such as size of the home, roof area, ease of access, location of the property and so on. For an obligation free quotation just contact our customer service team on 1300 117 771 or fill out the Online Quote Request Form.

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