How Ecoair's Home Ventilation System Works

A Ecoair Home Ventilation System improves the air quality within your home, either by heating or cooling, ventilating, dehumidifying, transferring heat, filtering air, or a combination of all or some of these functions.


Ventilating and drying your home with warm filtered air drawn from a high point in the roof space or fresh air from outside.

This will:

Reduce Condensation, creating warm dry air
Make your home easier to heat
Improve the air quality in your home creating significant health benefits. Read more about health benefits...
Utilise otherwise unused solar heat from the roof space



Moving warm air from a high temperature zone (usually a lounge with wood or gas fired heating) to areas such as bedrooms. These units ventilate and dry spaces which lack a sunny aspect, and are useful as fresh air dehumidifiers.

Models are available that have built-in air heaters as well as fresh air heater / dehumidifier models for use in Lockwood type homes, or other designs with no roof space.


Using motorised air valves, offering all the benefits of positive pressure as well as re-circulating heat transfer, or use of electric air heaters either in `fresh' or `recirculation' modes. These units create best use of roof space heat, plus the option to distribute household warmth as roof space temperature drops. Summer cooling is also available.

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